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What is HowDidiDo?

HowDidiDo is Europe’s largest online golf community holding the handicaps, results and scores of over 1 million men and women.

It’s free-to-download app has seen its numbers grow to a record amount. Its innovative Mobile Score Input (MSi) function being the highlight, allowing all golf club members across Great Britain and Ireland to enter competition scores safely and quickly through their own mobile device.

Another successful feature is the HowDidiDo Academy with experienced Tour professional Sophie Walker. The dedicated YouTube channel created and managed by the HDID Media Team provides all members with weekly tutorials, tips and drills – offering them free insightful guidance on every aspect of their game.

The app has also been developed for the World Handicap System (WHS) – displaying course rating, slope rating, course and playing handicaps.

To use HowDidiDo you will need to be a member of a Golf Club that has subscribed to the service.