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I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password or need to change your password please go to and enter the email address you use as your HowDidiDo username. 

A Password Reset email will be sent to your Inbox, please follow the instructions on this email to reset your password. 

The password is case-sensitive so capital letters need to be used if the password was created with capital letters.

The Password Reset link is valid for 6 hours only. 

Please ensure the device or internet browser you are using is not modifying the password you are entering e.g. adding a space before or after the password being entered as an extra character added on that should not be there would be causing the ‘invalid email address’ message. This is most common with devices that use auto-correct or if you are pasting in the password. 

Please check your junk/spam folder in case your email provider is marking the HowDidiDo notification emails as spam. I can also add and to your safe senders list in your email settings to ensure all future emails are not marked as spam. 

If HowDidiDo notifications are not appearing in the junk/spam folder you can contact your email provider in case the emails are being quarantined by their internal filter.