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How do I change my Home Club?

Please ensure your new home club have a handicap record for you in the handicapping software that powers HowDidiDo. The golf club will need to publish a handicap list to HowDidiDo. Once this is done, you can change your home club by:

- Logging into 

- Clicking on the User profile option at the top of the website/app

- Go down to Club Details and click on Change Home Club

- Click on Scan, find the Club you wish to link as your Home Club and then click on your name when it appears to link to your handicap record at the Club.


If your name is not appearing after finding the Club, please check with the Club that you are entered onto their handicapping system and then to re-publish their master handicap list to HowDidiDo. Once this has been done, re-try linking to the Club and your name should appear. 

Once you change your Home Club, this will then set your previous Home Club automatically to your Away Club - unless your previous Home Club has removed your from their system in which case you will no longer be linked to them. To remove any Away Clubs please see here.

If you find that after changing your Home Club that it is resetting to your previous Home Club, please check with with your Home Club has been correctly updated on your CDH record on the WHS.