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Features Overview

The old site was great for results and stats but over 60% of visits were from mobile devices like iPhones and tablets so we needed to redesign the site from the ground up to accommodate those users.

What's new?

Everything! If you are going to start afresh, why not do it properly? So we have looked at all areas of the site and the hundreds of messages of feedback we have received from users like you and tried to incorporate everyone’s’ ideas.

How much will it cost?

The site is still free, but a premium service is available for golfers wanting the SMS text service. Gold subscription is available here The gold option costs £15 a year and includes 50 such messages. Further blocks of 50 can be purchased separately.

In the Profile section of the site you can choose when you want to receive alerts and how you wish to receive them, either by email or text or both. You can access these settings here.

What about a HowDidiDo app?

All the content from the HowDidiDo website is now available packaged in easy to download FREE apps from the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android, head over there to get them now.

Most of the features are available from the Menu bar at the top of HowDidiDo, but here is a quick overview of the key areas:


Now you can view all your achievements and upcoming events in one place, we think you will love it. Competition results, Handicap changes, Partner content and much more appears on the timeline. 


Stay up-to-date with the latest competition results. We will bring you the latest news and stats and integrate them into your timeline so you can view all the data in just a few clicks.


Use statistics to track strengths and weaknesses in your game. With HowDidiDo, you can monitor your performance and compare yourself against other registered players. TomTom watch integration will appear allowing you to get real life statistics.


Socialise and connect with your friends using HowDidiDo! Use our timeline to interact with other players and be notified of your friends' updates. Share, invite and communicate with Friends 

Multiple Clubs?

We can link your account to multiple clubs and you will be able to track all your stats across the board. Let us do the hard work for you. See results, book into competitions and much more.


View future events that are able to book into. Book into competitions at your different clubs, add your friends to startsheets if your club allow it, or just view the startsheets/zoned draws to see who is playing. Add, edit or remove your booking on your smart phone.