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Registration, setting alerts and Login

In order to use HowDidiDo service, you must be a registered user. If you are already a user from our old HowDidiDo website, you can log in using your existing credentials. For new users, you need to be a member of a golf club that is subscribed to the service. If you are unsure of this, please contact your club to find out.

If you haven't already, you will need to register with and sign in. It's FREE and over 500,000 golfers like you have done so already!


You will need to enter a unique email address that hasn't been used before, like most sites now, we don't allow users to share email addresses. 

You can usually get extra email accounts for free from your ISP’s website (i.e. BTInternet, Sky, Talktalk or Virgin Media or you can register with a webmail account for free from;

Why can't I find my club when I register for HowDidiDo?

For clubs to publish to this site they must use the market leading CONGU Handicapping software from Club Systems International. First check with your club to see if they do use it. If they don’t and would like a demonstration they can visit the Club Systems website. Some clubs, who do use CSI, do not to publish. This might be for simple technical reason such as internet access. It might be that they believe there is a cost involved, if this is the case please inform your club officials that the service is FREE. Others, very few, choose not to publish for other reasons, such as privacy. If this is the case, members can choose to have their results withheld from the site by contacting the club, that way the vast majority of golfers and benefit from this service.

Why can’t I find my name?

We display all names as entered by your club officials. Our list should match your club’s printed Handicap List. Your name might not be displayed because your name has been spelt incorrectly, i.e. Smith – Smyth or Van de Velde – Vandeveld, your official title has been used i.e. The Captain or The President. If you wish to try again, please click ‘BACK’. If you are a new member, your club needs to publish your record for it to become available on HowDidiDo, therefore please contact your club.

Verification of Email address.

Once you have completed registration, we send an automatic email to you. You will need to click the link on the email to confirm you have access to that email address. Once verified you can login to access.

If you have not received your activation email please use this link to request a new one. 

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password please navigate to and enter the email address you use as your HowDidiDo Username. This will send you a Password Reset email. Please follow the instructions on this email to reset your password

Setting your Alerts

To change your alerts please navigate to and click on Edit Alerts. 

This will allow you to amend your Alert settings so you only receive the alerts you want to. Once you have finished click on Save Alerts to save your changes. You can also choose whether you receive the alert as an Email or Text message or Both.

Alternately, if your are on the App, please tap on the User Profile icon and then tap on Alerts.

We send Push notifications by default. To opt out of these please alter your devices settings.

Not receiving alerts?

If you arent receiving alerts, please check your Spam/Junk/Trash folder for the emails.

If the email(s) are not in there then please add and to your safe senders list.