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Titleist Order Of Merit

HowDidiDo is proud to announce the return of the Titleist Order of Merit for all HowDidiDo members! 

This year we are delighted to once again be associated with and sponsored by Titleist, the #1 Ball in Golf, and our media partner Global Golf Post. Entry is FREE and you stand the chance of winning a host of great prizes from Titleist just for playing golf the way you always have done – we’ll monitor your medal rounds, like we always do, but will also update your ranking in the Titleist Order of Merit so you can see how you compare to the rest of the country. 

The rules remain the same as previous years with your best five qualifying rounds counting towards your final Order of Merit score. The competition will run throughout the golf season and end in September 2017 to allow HowDidiDo and Titleist time to collate the teams for the finals. 

More than 22,000 of you took part in 2016 and we look forward to seeing you again in 2017, as well as a host of new competitors, in what has become one of the largest participation sports events in the world! So with great prizes to win make sure that you get your golfing buddies lined up to take part as you pit you golfing skills against an audience of over 540,000 golfers in the UK and Ireland.

Qualifying Rounds

For the 2017 competition only competition rounds at your HowDidiDo registered clubs can count towards this Order of Merit. We cannot include away rounds in the Titleist Order of Merit with HowDidiDo.

Qualifying Time Period

The 2017 Titleist Order of Merit will run 1st April 2017 to the 17th September 2017 (midnight). Four golfers from each of the four home nation’s leader-boards (total 16 golfers) will be invited to the Grand Final at The Turnberry Resort. Only ‘medal’ competition rounds played between 1st April 2017 to the 17th September 2017 will be counted towards The 2017 Titleist Order of Merit.

Titleist Order of Merit Grand Final at Trump Turnberry

The final will be played at Turnberry Resort on the 18th and 19th of October. All competitors will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and travel costs.

Titleist and HowDidiDo will provide 1 nights B&B accommodation at the Trump Turnberry Resort, 2 rounds of golf (1x Ailsa & 1x Robert The Bruce), Gala Dinner, Goodie bag and many, many prizes.

Scoring System

Points for the OOM for the period from 1st April 2017 to the 17th September 2017 will be carried over to the Grand Final. The points system for the Grand finals will be reviewed and published prior to the Grand Final.

The scoring system will work as follows:

HDID Order of Merit - Scoring Outline

The best 5 qualifying medal rounds for each player during the Order of Merit start and end dates are given a points score based on the following system.

Player 1 is placed higher than player 2. Round 5 is equal for both players, so go back and look at round 4. 

There will be a separate leader board for each division within each home nation (Exact division handicap ranges TBC). 

Ive registered against the wrong country?

Use the contact form to advise which country you should have selected. We will review your score and look to make the change.

Scores Pending?

When we receive some excellent scores, we manually check them to ensure they are legitimate. We will check over the scores with the home clubs before confirming they are ok to be used. These can sometimes take a while to be checked. If you think you have some scores pending for some time, please use the contact form.

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